Saturday, 28 January 2012

Making of the cover for my book "Call It Yourself..."

I am often asked: how much time does Kseniya Malakhova spend for making the covers to her books? I can say, that it takes much time. For example, the final variant of the cover to the book “Call It Yourself...” became the ninth and the last version out of many other different variants which were made and discussed. I cannot say that the rest versions of the covers were bad or not interesting, but anyway I have chosen the cover which you see today. Up to my mind, it doesn`t reflect the plot of the book only, but also it is being memorized by its uncommonness. The picture is made by a pencil. It is suggested that a person, who was painting the cover, was in a deep reverie and expressed the essence of the thoughts but didn`t focus on the precise and straight location of the lines. I think many of you, who have read the book "Call It Yourself...", will agree to this opinion  :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Breaking news :)

Only today my book Call It Yourself... is for FREE on all Amazon marketplaces. Hurry up!
I will be glad to get your reviews! :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Winter Swimming

Malakhova,Winter SwimmingToday, 01/20/2012 Winter Swimming World Championship OPEN 2012 is taking place in Jurmala, Latvia. 1128 participants from 27 countries have signed up to this completion. They will fight for the world champion title in this sport. The championship is taking place on the Lielupe river, water temperature is +0.5 C° . Swimming in the cold water is quite “young” sport. At first it became very popular in Finland and now it is popular worldwide.
Wishing to all participants an interesting sport fight and worthy victory!

P.S. It is awesome to swim in the icy water! I tried it two times in my life. The first time I swam in a spring (water welling up from the earth) in September, and the second time - I swam in the river in November, “cool” !!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Good news!

I would like to share good news with you. Recently I have finished editing my book “Call It Yourself”. For the first time this book was released in a paper version, 2000 numbers of printed copies. At present all of them are sold out. Now I offer you its Kindle version. You can read it following the link.

The book is about a fortuitous meeting of two people on the exclusive island called the"Outland" caused the chain of unexpected events which changed their destinies. The captivated life in the Outland entered into the ordinary life of each person in a mystical way.
I would appreciate to get your reviews and comments.


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