Thursday, 1 March 2012


You are welcomed to read a fragment of Interview given to the magazine "Новые горизонты":

1.When did you start writing? What makes for a good hook in your books?

I have been writing books during about 15 years. At first I wrote for my nearest friends and read them my works. Once they told me – “why don’t you try to publish?! Your manner and style of writing is very unordinary and exciting”. So they encouraged me to start publishing. In order to make my books easily available for the readers, I made Kindle version of my book which title is “Call It Yourself”. If to talk about f good hook – I think it is a question for my readers. I can guess the reader is “hooked” by mixing of reality and mysticism described in the plot. In spite of writing in the fantasy style, the plots of my books reflect our today’s life.

2. How do your books differ from each other?

Of course they differ by the plot. They are written in the fantasy style as I have said before, but my books are not “ single – type”, they are full of various events and actions.

3. Do you write for adults only?

No, I have some fairytales for kids! Some of them I would call “parables”, which are written in an approachable language so that such parables will be understandable and interesting not for adults only but for kids as well.

4. It must be considered you write in the fantasy style only?

No, I have the collection of the short stories about life of real people. The collection is being enlarged by the new stories, that’s why it is not on sale now. Else, I try to write in different styles. For instance, my new book is about to be published. It will be an amazing fairytale for kids and their parents.

5. How do you characterize yourself as a writer? Whether you make a schedule for writing or you are a “spontaneous” writer?

I don’t make any schedules for writing. So the heroes can appear in the plot very spontaneously, from this point of view – yes, I am spontaneous writer. Moreover, I pay a careful attention to the subject itself. For example, if I write about a planet I try to find the maximum of the information about it in order the plot sounds trustworthy so that the scientists and experts won’t blame me for being incompetent.

6. Where does your inspiration come from?

I write when I have a strong desire to write, let’s call it inspiration. In such moments I can write down the descriptions of what I see, feel and what I think about. In the case if for some reasons I cannot fix the thoughts on the paper, I feel myself very badly.

7. Is there anything that you don’t like in writing?

As I write the books using a sheet of paper and pencil, I don’t like to type ready texts. I spend much time for typing.

8. Who are your favorite writers? Did they influence on your manner of writing?

My favorite writers are Bulgakov, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Omar Khayyam, Shakespeare, Feihtvanger, Fitzgerald, this list can be continued endlessly, but my teachers are Arkadiy and Boris Strugatzky. I accept their philosophy and I like the way they express themselves.

9. Do you have time to read and if you have what are you reading now?

I always try to find time for reading. At present I read scientific – popular periodicals, else the short stories written by the contemporary little – known authors. I am interested in the works of other writers.

10. Let’s talk about your book “Call It Yourself”. There is a very unexpected plot , I like it very much. What do you think – who would be your choice to play Miracle from your book “Call It Yourself”?

Thanks for the question :) In fact I have never ever think about it, but if to choose among the popular actors, I would choose Gerard Depardieu to play Miracle from my book “Call It Yourself”. I think he could create and express the real image of Miracle.

11. If there was an opportunity to meet anyone from any time who would it be and what would be your question?

If I met anyone from any time I would love to meet Gerard Depardieu and my question would be – would you like to play Miracle from my book “Call It Yourself”? :)

12. Your book has been published on Amazon marketplaces, does this mean that the publishing industry headed this way?

Surely it has a rapid progress and becomes more and more popular. And it makes me very happy.

13. Do you have any new works for publishing? If yes, what are your new books about?

I have many ideas for my next works, just 24 hours are not enough for me to write them faster. Now I am working on the fairytale for kids which I plan to publish in the nearest future.

14. Who creates the covers for your books?

Well, I prefer drawing the book covers by myself, it allows me to express my individuality. It is a great pleasure for me as making the design of the covers as writing the books. It is a very interesting and amazing process. Else, when I make the sketches for the book covers ( there can be more than 20 ideas ), I ask my friends’ advice and I highly appreciate their opinion. I have the best friends in the world.


  1. Thanks for providing this interview so we can get to know you better. :) I think it's great that your works are so varied - it's so fun being able to write within different genres and perspectives. Also, Dostoevsky is a favorite of mine too.

    Looking forward to reading more!


    The Red Angel Blog

    1. Hi Wendy! Thank you very much for joining my blog! Else, thanks for your comment :) I am always happy to meet new friends!

  2. hi. i liked the interview. i'm glad to know there's a kindle version of your book. it'll make it easier to get a copy. i will read your book soon.

    can you give us current authors in your homeland that we may also follow and read? thanks again.


    1. Hi,literarycat! Thank you very much for your comment. It is very pleasant for me you showed your interest to my book. I hope you will like it! I will highly appreciate if you leave your opinion concerning the book “Call It Yourself”. Else, I have a good news for you – my new book will be released in December 2012. Follow the update information on my blog :) Yours sincerely, Kseniya