Sunday, 13 May 2012

Night readings

I like reading at nights: no phone calls, no knocking at the door, nothing can divert from this amusement. Silence...but once a fly violated the silence, she flew into my room through the window. I was forced to talk to her seriously...

…- Swine, - I thought.
-Rascal, - she thought.
A blue-black fatten fly was flying around my absurdly small room.
- Stop running about! It is midnight already! Sit on a dried spot and sleep! – I was telepathing to her getting nervous.
- Aha! Not likely! Don’t tell me what I should do! – the fly rebelled striking the walls and curtains loudly, -Why did you switch on the light at the night? All normal people switch it off at this time, but your mind is busy with readings, thoughts and other things … how can I fall asleep? – suddenly the fly ran into a clay vase and fell into a box of sweets.
-Rascal! – I was horn-mad shouting inly looking at the box of sweets.
-Swiiiiiineeee….. – the fly moaned pulling by three paws and moving by a wing.- why did you put so many things here? I can’t hardly go and move! Why do you need these odds and ends in the flat? You can’t get neither water nor drink here! No use absolutely! No possibility to give birth to kids…People! You are so primitive!
I was shocked having heard such impudence. The fly moved and started twisting like in break dance, then she rushed towards the ceiling.
-Mad cow! – I exclaimed.
-You are the same, the same, the same! – the fly was yelling wildly and circling around.
-Go sleep! Right now! – the fly exclaimed like an orator from a rostrum.
Somewhere in the book binding a tiny spider or bug woke up, rushed into the light and madly started running around the page.
-Revolution! Help! My gosh! – he jabbered being frightened. – What’s happening here? Mamma Mia! – he continued bewailing in different international languages.
-Such a cheeky fellow … - I said scornfully. – Your impudence has no limits, so…
-So, - the fly interrupted me approaching to land. – I am fed up here, today and now. It is you! Lazy and impudent! From politeness, you could take a duster or roll a newspaper and run after me. I am flying out of my skin in a sweat while she is sitting on her sofa without any movements! Then ok! Sit and get moldy! I am sick of this boredom and your air bumps! – the blue-black fly waved by her two front paws somewhere in the end of the head and in the beginning of belly expressing her disgust.
- Arrivederci! Hasta la vista! Kindest greetings to you from African tsetse flies! – being rude and mad, she flew through a window like a heavy bombardment aircraft.
-I hurt her! – I thought sadly. – I shouldn’t have been so hard on her…but from the other side, I am reading, trying to consider carefully, but she is buzzing in my ear! Not even buzzing but trumpeting! Cow elephant…
-What did you say? Did you call me a cow elephant!?! – was roaring from the window, and the fly stormed into the room and started striking the walls, - Switch off the light! Immediately!

Copyright ©2012 by Kseniya Malakhova
All rights are reserved.


  1. geeeee "cool" fly :) I would want to talk to such one :))))

  2. What a delightful read! Seeing the viewpoint of a house pest seeing US as the inconsiderate pests is definitely a fun reversal.