Monday, 26 November 2012

Why do we need stars?

-Tell me, mama, why do we need autumn? – a young hare asked making himself more comfortable on the soft feather - bed.
-Autumn? – his mum asked again. – We need autumn in order you can enjoy sweet carrots and juicy cabbaged times, else we need autumn in order you can change your light and grey coat into warm and white one before the cold weather has come.
-But why do we need winter? – the hare continued asking.
-We need winter so that your friends and you can play in the fluffy snow, else you can learn to draw tricky loops by your paws on the snow, and you can sleep more during long snowy nights…and beside that, winter comes in order to give a rest to the earth which bears carrots and cabbage, so that next autumn you can enjoy sweet vegetables.
-Why there is no summer after winter? – the hare was getting curious.
-Because after winter everything is waking up and warming up slowly; the trees and grass should drink fill melt water in order to turn towards the sun with renewed strength. Else all summer – birds must get back in time.
The hare was listening to his mum’s explanations carefully squeezing an edge of the fluffy blanket in his small fist.
-Why does the sun shine? – the hare asked again and gave a yawn. A quiet sleep was flowing into his eyes, and the hare started blinking more slowly and infrequently.
-Can you imagine there is no sun? – mum smiled and caressed the hare’s head. -The sun gives us the day, light and warmth…Do you remember how the birds rejoice its uprise? They meet the sun early in the morning and wake up us by their loud songs: “Wake up everyone! The sun has already risen!”
-Do we need the birds for that? – the hare asked sleepily.
-Yes, we need the birds for that, - mum approved kissing tenderly the hare’s pink warm nose.
The hare turned his head to the small window. He was looking quietly and musingly at the glossy glass behind which the night was spreading over like dark blue inks. The bright star – bead was flickering softly at the left edge of the curtain which was pulled not so tightly.
-Mama, - the hare called her again in a drowsy voice.
-Yes, sonny? – the doe hare caressed her little hare’s back.
-Mama, why do we need stars?
-Stars? – the doe hare repeated and looked at the window as well. The bright star, as if stuck to the glass, was playing in different colors fascinatingly spreading its slightly visible thin rays.
-Muuum, the hare called the thoughtful doe hare, - Yes, why stars? They don’t heat, don’t give water to the grass and don’t bear carrots. Why do we need them?
-Yes, the stars don’t bear carrots, - mum laughed in a low voice, - But you can converse in whispers: you can trust them your innermost secrets and tell them about your cherished dreams…
-Are the stars able to talk? – the hare wondered.
-Yes, they are - the doe hare nodded, - Only you should listen to them very carefully because they are able to talk very very quietly, almost in a whisper.
-Why in a whisper? – the hare asked.
-In order not to wake up those who sleep.
The hare was glaring at the star and was thinking intently, then no taking his eyes off it, said:
-Else we admire looking at them.
-Yes, -the doe hare agreed smiling, - Else you can kiss them, - she whispered in the hare’s ear.
-Kiss them? – the hare amazed and looked into his mum’s eyes, - But they are so far away from us, I cannot even touch them, then how can I kiss them?
-It is very simple, - the doe hare blinked mysteriously, - When you look at the stars – they are shining in your eyes, and I can kiss them. Have a look at the star, and I will kiss it now, - the doe hare asked. The hare looked at the star impatiently. Mama bent over the hare and first kissed one eye, then another one.
-Did you kiss the star? – the hare asked.
-Yes, - mum smiled.
-I want to kiss it, too. Please, mama, look at the star, - the hare exclaimed.
Having smiled, the doe hare looked at the star. The hare raised from the feather – bed, got a paw around mum’s neck, then kissed her eye, then another one.
-I have kissed the star, too – the hare said sleepily being proud, - It is warm and it tickles slightly.
-Really? – mum wondered. – I didn’t feel tickling.
-It tickles, it tickles, - the hare mumbled smiling and resting his cheek against the soft pillow.
-Do tell! – mum said smiling, - Look at the star once again, I will try to kiss it, maybe it will tickle me too?
The hare opened his sleepy eyes slightly and glanced at the star. The doe hare kissed his eyes gently.
-Indeed, it tickles just a little – she said softly and smiled, - These stars tickle slightly…
The hare was enjoying a balmy sleep. The big fluffy white snowflakes whirled up behind the window. The first snow began falling. It was flickering in the bright silvery light of the moon, it seemed that the distant stars are flying into the hare’s window, the stars which don’t bear carrots, but the stars which can be kissed…

Copyright©2012 by Kseniya Malakhova
All rights reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. "All we need is love"(c) great famous words ... and amazing story!

    1. Dear Elis, thank you very much for your kind words. I highly appreciate such reviews, they provide the incentive and inspiration for my new works.

  2. What a sweet and delightful story.

  3. Dear Diana,I am endlessly happy you like my story!

  4. Kseniya, your fairytales are filled with incredible kindness. I have not read something similar before. You are a marvelous person. Wishing you creative success! Thank you very much

    1. Thank you, Villie, for your warm words :) Wish you success and happiness in a New Year! :) And let your deepest dreams, which you trusted to the stars, come true :)