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Letters for Santa

A welcome day has come: the day before Christmas. That’s why Dany began preparing carefully for a festive Christmas evening from the early morning: he has washed, brushed teeth, made his bed, eaten a whole plate of the oats porridge ( though he didn’t like it very much ), put toys into the case, piled the books orderly, and even torn off a piece of chewing gum under the cover of the writing desk which he stuck being on summer vacation. Mum was busy in the kitchen: she was filling a turkey with fruits and rice and baking a traditional Christmas cake. She was always worried about the cake so that it should fluff up evenly and it shouldn’t burn. In order not to disturb her Dany put on the shoes, a jacket, a fine knitted cap and went in the street waiting for Christmas. Dany was going to the park where a playground and swing set was.
It was not far away from his house. He was directing toward and turning his head around thinking that Christmas is the best holiday in the world. The streets become very festive, sparkling and colorful only in the period of awaiting of Christmas, only on Christmas vacation the air scents of pine needles and gingerbread, and people’s smiles are the most joyful and happiest so it seems that dogs and cats smile them in reverse. Dogs…
“Eh..” – Dany sighed wistfully and sat on a wood bench in the park. For two years in succession he was asking Santa to bring him a dog as a Christmas gift. But this miracle didn’t happen. Mum soothed the son and talked that Santa knows about his dream but probably he considers that Dany is too little to have a dog; Dany is not grown-up and self – consistent enough in order to be responsible for the four legged friend: to feed him properly and take him out on time. That’s why if even a puppy may appear in their house not earlier than in a couple of two years. Dany agreed to wait this couple of years and even one year more if only his dream would come true. And still in this year when Dany was writing a letter to Santa asking to bring him at Christmas a new railroad with a locomotive from which arises a white smoke but a light is so bright so that you can play with it even in darkness, the boy after lingering doubts added a brief line: “Dear Santa! Please remember I am still dreaming about a dog! With love, Dany.”
-Hi, Dany! – the boy’s thoughts were interrupted by a known voice behind a back. The boy turned round and answered: “Hi, Peter” – then he gazed at toe - caps of his brown shoes.
-Hey, guy, what’s up? – Peter exclaimed being surprised and took a seat on the bench next to the boy. – Christmas’s Eve: everyone is waiting for midnight and Christmas miracles, but you look dejected! What’s happened?
Peter was a caretaker and probably he came to clean the paths in the park because he was holding a big green broom in his hands.
-Nothing is happened – Dany said sadly.
-Why do you feel blue? – Peter asked being worried.
-Because in this year again Santa will not bring me a dog for Christmas, - the boy answered fatefully.
-Do you want to get the puppy for Christmas? – Peter made a smile.
-I have been dreaming about it during three years, - the tears appeared in Dany’s eyes. – But again most likely the puppy will be just only my dream.
-Imagine if a miracle happens and tomorrow Santa brings you the puppy? – Peter asked hopefully.
-Unlikely, - the boy shook his head, - Mama said: it may happen not earlier than in a couple of years. For a wonder mama has never ever made mistakes in Santa’s affairs.
-Hm, - Peter took thought, - Why in a couple of years?
-Because in a couple of years I will become grown – up and self – consistent enough. But now I am a child and I am not able to care of the dog. Mama thinks so and Santa probably thinks the same, - answered Dany and added in a minute: - But they both are mistaken. Look! – and Dany touched a button on his jacket.
-Button, - Peter said. – Is it special?
-No, it is ordinary one, - Dany was looking sadly at his toe – caps of the shoes again, - Just I sewed it by myself.
-You are kidding! – Peter exclaimed with delight, - How come! And you ran a thread through a needle by yourself?
-Yes!, - Dany nodded.
-I have nothing to say, - Peter spread out his arms with respect, - Well done, guy!
-It is not like that, - Dany answered and looked into Peter’s eyes with hope, - How do you think, Peter, is a child able to sew on the button by himself?
Peter had very kind blue eyes, very thick grey eyebrows and very thick white moustache. Sometimes Dany thought that real Santa Claus might resemble at Peter. Or Peter might resemble at Santa Claus.
-I am sure Dan that not for all the world a little child can sew on the buttons by himself!
-I think so. It means that my mum is not right when says I am a little one. I am grown – up. What do you think can I have hope for Christmas miracle and Santa brings me the puppy after all?
-As seamen say, Dany, - Peter exclaimed prominently, - “Hope is the last thing to die”. You believe in a miracle – it is good. Ninety percentages of the dearest wishes come true thanks to the miracles.

Suddenly Peter said very sadly:
-I have a grandson of the same age as you, Dany. He is eight years old. I saw him only on a picture. I don’t even know whether he has a dog or he doesn’t.
-You have the grandson?! – Dany’s eyes became wide, - Where does he live?
-He lives far away beyond the seas even further. There is much snow and very cold, it is not like something we have now. My deepest dream, Dany, to see my grandson.
-Well…, - Dany paused to think, - Snow occurs rarely here, - suddenly he asked: - Did you write a letter about your dream to Santa?
-No, - Peter smiled sadly.
-Why? – the boy exclaimed and jumped off the bench. – Wait for me, I will be back right now! – Dany screamed running homeward twinkling up his shoes. – I will be back in a flash, Peter!
The caretaker was looking at Dany surprisingly. Not even five minutes were passed as Dany was running back. He held tightly a sheet of paper and felt pen in his hands.
-Here you are! – he said being puffed, - Write! – he gave to Peter the paper and felt pen.
-What should I write? – the caretaker didn’t get the idea.
-A letter to Santa about your dearest dream.
-But…- Peter got confused, - The letters for Santa are being written only by… - he looked at Dany, - young people, I am an old man already.
-When an issue regards the main dream of life, the age doesn’t matter for Santa! – Dany answered seriously and confidently.
-Dan, I don’t remember the proper way of writing letters for Santa, - Peter objected and still was confusing.
-It is easy as it gets! I will help you, write! – Dany began dictating. – “Dear Santa! Please make everything so that my grandson…” – What is his name? – Dany asked businesslike.
-“so that my grandson Stephan comes to see me. With love, Peter.” – Have you written?
-Yes, I have, - Peter said hiding a smile in his thick moustache.
-Well done! – Dany praised Peter and re-read carefully the letter. – Be careful, don’t lose it! When you come home, put this letter under the Christmas tree and go to bed.
-This is no deal, Dan, - Peter sighed disappointedly.
-Because I don’t have the Christmas tree at home. Only the Christmas wreath, - Peter brushed away by a broom a stuck dry leaf from a round toe of his huge boot.
-Damn! – Dany called name being upset and frowned. But right there exclaimed joyfully: - I have it! I can put your letter under my Christmas tree! Santa will look into there in any case – he will leave the new railroad for me. This is where he will see your letter and read it obligatory! Give me the letter! – Dany held out his little palm. – Or you don’t trust me? – he asked the caretaker anxiously having noted that he takes time to give his letter to the boy.
-I trust you, Dany, - Peter answered seriously and put the sheet of paper covered with writing into the boy’s palm. – Thanks for help, - and shook Dany’s hand adultly. – Now I must go: I must sweep the paths. See you, Dany.
-See you, Peter! – the boy screamed and ran to home to put a freshly written letter under the Christmas tree.
At night Dany had a dream as if his puppy prankster Rex and he are having a walk in the small square. As if Peter sweeps the path, but Rex hinders him: he bites a big green broom, growls at it, comes upon and barks. He barks so loudly, that … Dany awaked. He awaked and thought: “ Rex was barking so loudly in my dream that aroused me. It seems, that he jumped out of my dream and now he is barking in our yard.” Dany gave ear to: “ No, I felt as if. Or…” The boy, hasn’t taken on the slippers, jumped out of bed and run to the window. The yard was covered with white snow, the light big snowflakes were falling from the sky. Here he heard a clear dog bark. Dany heard a voice of the puppy sounded somewhere in the yard from the side of the entrance. He ran in a hall in all haste and pushed a front door. There were the visible steps on the path covered with snow. It appeared Santa Claus’s boots were huge with round toes but a big carton box with holes and red ribbon – tied was left on the porch of the house. Someone was whimpering and romping inside of the box. Having held breath, Dany took the box gently, brought in his room and unbound the red ribbon carefully. A nice Christmas postcard fell out from under the ribbon, there was a note on the reverse side of it: “ Merry Christmas. A gift for Dany. With love, Santa.” A handwriting seemed like well-known but Dany decided not to think about it. The boy took off a cover from the box carefully, his hands were trembling a little bit. He was thinking excitedly: “ What if Santa brought a toy dog? Not real one? “ He put the cover on the floor. There was a real puppy sitting on a fabric cloth inside of the box. He was white having the small flap ears, a black nose and brown spot on the side. The puppy looked in the same way like Dany saw in his night dream. “ Mama! Mama! Santa brought me the puppy at last! – the boy screamed embracing the warm puppy and ran to mum’s bedroom.
In the afternoon Dany and Rex were having a walk in the park. Snow melt quickly, it was dull and wet, but today nothing could shade Dany’s happiness. On the way home Dany and Rex met Peter.
-Merry Christmas, Peter! – Dany shouted from afar. – Santa brought me the puppy!
-Merry Christmas, Dany! – Peter’s eyes were shining with happiness. – I see, I see that your dream came true!
-Yes, it did! – Dany answered with delight. – Can you imagine my mum hasn’t believed her eyes that Santa brought me this puppy! But Santa probably knew that mum would have doubts because he wrote the postcard for me. When mama read it, she had such a surprised face that I started laughing! She was wondering so much probably because she couldn’t understand why in this year Santa didn’t agree with a fact that I am still too young to have the dog!
-Well, - Peter answered smiling cunningly, - it may happen… Do you know, Dany, my dream came true, too.
-Say! – Dany exclaimed and sat in amazement: - Stephan came?
-Not yet. But today my daughter has called me and she said that Stephen and she are coming to visit me on summer vacation! That’s just the way it is!
-Cool! – Dany winked meaningfully.
-Thank to you, Dan, - Peter put his big palm on the boy’s shoulder and smiled.
-If it was not you, I would not have any ideas that people must write the letters to Santa about their dreams to come true! Thank you!
-Nothing at all, - Dany got confused. – Just we both were dreaming so strongly that’s why our dreams came true. With help of Santa, of course! In future, Peter, don’t forget to write Christmas letters for Santa. But I, if you wish, can put them under my Christmas tree.
The boy and caretaker struck hands, said goodbye like the best friends and went own way, both of them had a dream that came true or almost came true.

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