Sunday, 15 December 2013

Real book heroes

Not everybody knows that in fact the real people are hidden under fictitious names of the heroes of the famous books. Who are they? Let’s try to find out.

May the most famous wooden man named Pinocchio have a prototype? It turns yes. The name of this man is Pinocchio Sanchez. His biography is not so long as Einstein or Tolstoy has, but it is apparently known that he was born in 1790. When he was 18, he went to the army and served well 15 years and came home being a cripple. Thanks to the lucky destiny which sent to maimed Pinocchio Sanchez a genius doctor Bestulgi who helped to prolong the guy’s life. But the doctor, known as an
alchemist and enchanter, did a miracle: he made for the guy an incredible operation having replaced the crippled parts of the body , including a nose, with a wooden prostheses. Thanks to this operation Pinocchio had ten more years of life. But a long wooden nose helped him to become a famous farcical performing actor. Sanchez died not because of mutilations that were got during soldiering. At performing a complicated trick at high altitude the actor Pinocchio Sanchez fell down to death. But a fairytale wooden boy who appeared thanks to the real “wooden” man still lives on the pages of the fairytale written by Carlo Collodi “ The adventures of Pinocchio”.

 Peter Pan is a naughty, merry and communicable boy who suffered from nightmares. This literary character appeared thanks to a real boy named Michael Davis who was a son of James Mathew Barry’s friend. A fairytale itself was devoted to David’s older brother who died a tragic death during skating in his 14th birthday.

A penciling of a beautiful girl Alice from Wonderland was drawn from a real girl by Lewis Carroll. She was a daughter of his friends whose name was Alice Liddell. This amazing fairytale began when the Chancellor of the University of Oxford Henry Liddell and his daughters were having an ordinary summer stroll. Alice was one of them. At kids request Carroll was winging the fairy stories, inventing the miraculous characters and making the incredible Wonderland. When Carroll came back home after walk he decided to write a continuation of the story… Two years later Liddell gave Alice a written story with a photo attached to it and having a heading: “ A Christmas gift to the dearest girl in memory of a summer day”.

  One - legged John Silver from “Treasure Island” had his real counterpart. It was a poet and critic named Williams Hensley. Robert Lewis Stevenson took a prototype of a kind villain from his friend who was tuberculized and as a result his leg was knee-length amputated. After the announcement of the book release Stevenson wrote to his friend: " I must admit that John Silver having an evil appearance and a kind soul is your prototype. I know you don't take offence, right?"

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  1. Interesting! I enjoyed learning about the real people behind the stories.